Lazy Weekend

Happy Sunday from Sydney, Australia ❤

I tend to disappear on the weekends, why, I don’t why! I need to most certainly post more on the weekends.

Yesterday consisted of a lazy day, I have been quite sick (which is unfortunate) I always get sick coming into Winter & in Winter as well. I got the flu vaccine about 6-8 weeks ago to be honest I feel that it hasn’t really done much bc within this time I have had the flu TWICE!

I take vitamin C tablets daily but I think I need to do more, I am going to do some research into how to sustain a high immune system, bc having a low immune system means I catch every cold thats going around.

Also, A LOT of people have been sick around me, especially on the train to work, my sister was quite sick, people at work have been sick, so I knew I was bound to get something.

As I was saying, yesterday’s day was such a lazy day, I woke up & made breakfast than literally laid in bed ALL day & watched movies. I watched the new John Wick movie, it was amazing! Def can’t wait for #3 🙂 I am def a fan of Keanu Reeves – I’ve always been a fan!

I read an article about him & his life, I couldn’t believe what I read, I think I’ll do a post about him & his life, very eye opening 🙂

IMG_4238Today is the last day of the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival here in Sydney, Australia – it started on Thursday but I have been working & also been sick so I haven’t been at all. I really want to go today, so I think I shall do that & I might post a blog about it.

Below is my breakfast, I had creamy honey oats w/ some grapes on the side, nom nom.

Have a lovely day everyone wherever you are in the world 🙂

A, x (1)


26 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend

  1. Yeah fruits help….good strategy you have adopted to bypass sugar cravings 👌 … I do the same for water by keeping a bottle at my desk 😊 hope you enjoy and benefit from the festival. It was the opposite for me this morning…ate a lot! 😛
    That’s a bedsheet!! 😱😱 It almost felt so real!! Woww… Lovely design 👌👌 we all need our obsessions right 😁 Otherwise life becomes so monotonous. 😌

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    1. It’s crazy bc if the fruit is out of sight its out of my mind than I turn to chocolate or chips etc (which is not good to me, bc I am the biggest lover of chocolate) I never used to keep a bottle of water at my desk either, but I have been doing that now too 🙂 Thank you, I’d love to by myself some new self development books to add to the collection. What did you have for breakfast today? Yes, its a bed sheet & I am in LOVE w/ it. Yes, theres lots of things I am obsessed w/ & marble is one of them ❤

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      1. Chocolates are better than chips I feel and i have heard they have health benefits too esp dark chocolate ( good for heart and mood).. except for the teeth! 😛😛

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      2. Sent too soon! (Mobile touchscreen 😒😒) i feel chocs are ok (being a guilty choc lover myself i do indulge sometimes after thinking about benefits…😜)…ok let know which books you bought…i will try them too. I had muesli (for the first time) and soymilk ( again first time)..and avoided tea ( im a teaoholic!) since i thought about being health conscious…..but then it wasnt fulfilling so i gave in finally and had bread butter and a big mug if tea! 😔😔😔. Yes your bedsheet if looking great…marble obsession i heard first time 🤔…what else?? 😁

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      3. Haha, thats okay 🙂 I know that feeling 🙂 Thanks, I want to do a book post shortly of all the self development books I own, bc I truly feel that 90% of these books have really helped me through the tough times 🙂 Oo, did you like muesli? What are your thoughts on soy? Haha, you’re funny I would do something like that 🙂 Yes, its weird, I know. But, I just love marble, its amazing! I am obsessed w/ chocolate, haha 😛

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      4. Oh that post is a great idea because there are so many books out thr that it’s confusing. Would be good to hear about from someone who has benefited from it. No i didnt like muesli 😫😫 something is wrong with me…i never end up liking anything which is healthy!!! 🙄🙄 But now i will have to finish it 😰😰 soymilk was ok ok….but nothing beats tea for me!!! ❤😀 I experiment a lot over it…right now im looking for those earthen cups in which drinking tea gives amazing flavour to it. No it’s not weird at all…just a different kind of marble obsession! 😊 You must be a big fan of taj mahal then?!! Have you visited it??

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      5. I will most certainly do a post on all my books that I have 🙂 I have certainly benefited from some of these books. Aw, noooo, theres nothing wrong w/ you, just means you don’t like it. Soy milk is a bit blah, I enjoy almond milk, you should give that a try. Oo, where can you get these Earthen cups from? Haha, it is a weird marble obsession. I LOVE THE TAJ MAHAL! I haven’t visited, I want to though, it’s most certainly on my list. I just got home form the MBS Festival – I a about to do a post ❤

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      6. Ok will look forward to that post on books. Will try almond milk next now 😊. I am still searching where i can get those earthen cups here…some local shops might have them. I know marbles have got that feel…i like them too but not obsessed yet 😁 i remember buying small marble boxes a lot in childhood. And used to give them as gifts too. Your marble obsession is incomplete without taj mahal visit you it asap when you are in India next!! It’s the best feeling to visit it. And try to see it at different times of the day. It’s amazing and soothing.

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  2. Get well soon! I have heard eating citrus fruits boosts immune system. I myself am now researching for the same! … hope you find your magic potion soon 😊 and then let me know as well 😛 waiting for your next posts on keanu and mind, body and spirit festival. Is that all…your breakfast? Soo less! 😮
    Ps: liked the background of your breakfast where it’s kept 😛

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    1. Thank you so much, I’ll get over this cold soon I hope 🙂 I want to start eating more fruits, I tend to keep some at my work desk during the day in eye-sight so I don’t have sugar cravings & reach for chocolate. Awe, thank you – I will hopefully post about the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival tonight when I return home. I can’t wait to do the Keanu post, his is an amazing man! Yah, thats all I had for breakfast, I wasn’t too hungry this morning 🙂 Hehe, thanks – I have an obsession w/ marble, it’s my bed cover ❤

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I hate the flu, it kills me (I have to be grateful though bc there are others worse off & I ‘only’ have the flu) Echinacea is a herb, correct? Do you put it in teas? Ahh, I have to admit, I am NOT a fan of ginger, I don’t know what it is but its yucky 😦 ❤

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      1. I know what you mean 😦 Yes it’s an herb, you can find it in tea form, or as a supplement in pill form. I used to take an echinacea pill that also contained something called ‘goldenseal’ which is a natural antibiotic (this is only from my Google research lol, so definitely research it yourself too 🙂 ) Ginger is so spicy! I have a hard time handling it too. The best way for me is in a pill form.

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      2. I will def look into the tea form, I love teas! #teaobsession I’ll see if T2 has it – do you have a T2? I will do some research on goldenseal too, thank you for all this, it helps alot. Yah, ginger just leaves a tangy flavour to my mouth. ❤

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