Girls Day Out

Had the best day today w/ my beautiful friend, Rach – she’s a beautiful soul. We treated ourselves to a day out together & we enjoyed every second, Rach & my thinking patterns are very much alike, so we have so much to talk about & we are almost on the same page about everything… well somethings 😛

We did a big kmart shop (I love kmart – the love I have for kmart is beyond belief!)


Today I purchased:

  • White Fur Rug: This really caught my eye (bc it is white) & I really wanted to put this on the floor in my bed room in a spare spot I have.
  • First, We Make The Beast Beautiful: A book by Sarah Wilson on anxiety & how she copes, super excited to read this – going to read this on the train bc my delivery for the book ‘Lion’ gets to my house.
  • Health Journal: Rach & I both purchased this journal, we hope to motivate one another in our health & fitness journey, I like to add my entrys into here as a blog.
  • Pins: I need this for work to pin photos on my board, happy I got these.
  • Marble Contact: I am going to marble contact the top of my bedside table, super excited for this – will def blog about this!
  • Marble Toothbrush Holder: I already have one of these but its a plastic one, I wasn’t going to buy this but Rach reminded me that the Melbourne trip is coming up so that helped me in buying it 🙂
  • Loofahs: I always buy new loofahs every month for hygienic purposes.
  • Exfoliating Gloves: I always buy new exfoliating gloves every month for hygienic purposes.
  • Penguin Socks: Lol, bc their penguins… duh!
  • Big Wooly Scarf: Super excited for this purchase, best purchase ever! I am so happy that I got a big wooly scarf for the trains in the morning to work bc its getting quite cold. The quality of this scarf is amazing too!
  • Grey Jumper: This jumper was in the lounge wear section of kmart & I died! This literally is the most comfiest jumper ever! I know I will live in this jumper.

After this, Rach & I went to Zeus Street Greek… The best place on EARTH might I add! Why, you ask? BC THEY HAVE HALOUMI! (The amazing thing in the middle of the photo!) I got a lamb gyros, it was the most amazing thing on the planet! You cannot go wrong w/ gyros! IMG_4042

After that, Rach & I went next door to Tella Balls, it was AMAZING! I got a malteaser & Nutella ice cream – it was delicious. We sat & chatted, which was nice & relaxing.


I had the best day out, it was real nice weather & really beautiful company – thank you Rach for a beautiful day out together, I pray for many more to come.


A, x

Blog Share #8

When putting up my Full Body Workout post yesterday, I wanted to share what I did at the gym w/ you all – never did I intend to have motivated anyone but Catherine from The Diary of C.P had a big motivation burst from my post.

Check out the link above to see Catherine’s workout – SHE SMASHED IT! Well done, Catherine!

I am so happy that my posts motivate my beautiful followers to be active also.

I am really starting to really enjoy sharing these parts of my life w/ you all & what I get up to at the gym, knowing that it is motivating to some really inspires me to pursue w/ the thought of sharing my fitness journey.

Stay tuned to hear more about my fitness journey.

Thank you again Catherine for sharing my fitness blog onto your page.

A, x

It Took 4 Days! (8000 Views)

Good morning from Sydney, Australia 🙂

So much for this 3 day rain down-pour we were suppose to have, I just opened my blinds & it is EXTRA sunny out there today.

As I sit here eating my oats w/ banana – I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being such amazing people. I love waking up in the morning & replying to everyones comments from over night, bc alot of my lovely followers are based overseas, so that means when I am asleep, most of you are awake – so I love waking up in the morning & reading such beautiful comments.

Discovering Your Happiness has just hit IMG_4033another 1000 views. We are now at over 8000 views.

Ah, my heart feels so warm, thank you to each & every one of you that reads my posts & shares their opinions & advice w/ me – I am forever grateful that you are comfortable in sharing your opinions w/ me & let me tell you, I do take what you say on board (especially all the interaction from my social media post, I am still on the fence about that)

I love doing these appreciation posts every time I reach 1000 views – I never want to come across boastful… Only thankful. Because that is what I truly am, I am beyond thankful & blessed to have complete strangers become followers of mind, than become apart of my support network in decision making etc.

I have now finished my breakfast, I am going to get ready to go to the gym than spend the day w/ a sweet friend of mine.

Wherever you are in the world, have a beautiful day.

A, x