New Look For Discovering Your Happiness

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Why does Discovering Your Happiness look different?

Well, friends, I CHANGED MY THEME!

Going from a free plan to a now paid plan, I have been granted the ability to access more amazing themes.

I get a fair few of you lovely people asking what theme I use so I’d love to share that Discovering Your Happiness has made a change.

Going through them today Independent Publisher 2 Theme really caught my eye – it is very neutral, monochrome, plain, simple, clean, tidy & I feel that this fit my criteria more than the Sela Theme (which is what I had before)

My website was a series of different colours, the homepage looked very busy, cluttered, messy which distracted me as a viewer from an outside perspective.

I had marble at the top, pink menu bar, bunch of photos on the home page not aligned w/ the sidebars – everything was just very out of proportion & so many colours were clashing.

I had a picture collage that was an eye-sore (in my eyes) there was just so many photos bunched together that the meaning behind them was lost.

Now, w/ my new theme – we are rocking grey, black & white (my favourite colours) when you hover over things the writing changes to a mauve colour (which I love!)

This theme is so clean, I love it! This really brings out me & my personality. It reminds me of my bedroom (I will do a bedroom tour soon!) All white! Everything is white! My bed, bed side table, bedspread, walls, curtains – feels like I’m on a big fluffy cloud.

I’ve now removed the cluttered photos & showcased my latest 3 blogs, easy access for those that want to see my recent posts.

My side bar & bottom widgets are still the same… for now, hehe 😛

I also now get to showcase my logo at the top of my website instead of the side now.

Discovering Your Happiness is undergoing some great changes at the moment / Stay tuned as some new exciting things are coming to my website.

Be sure to check out my new layout, & give me some feedback 🙂

A, x

Why I Quit Social Media & Should I Go Back?

Here I am thinking out loud about social media.


Here I go:

Why I quite social media & should I go back?

^ This is a tough one!

I am going to break this blog into two sections – one half being why I quit social media & the other half being if I should go back?

Why I quit social media?

Was never really a fan of Facebook, so I didn’t have that.

Was never really a fan of Twitter, because I didn’t know how to use it.

I was a fan of Snapchat, but now I don’t even bother to go onto that.

Big fan of Pinterest, this is more for inspiration, not for personal use.

My weakness was INSTAGRAM! Instagram became my life – what was once a hobby literally took over my whole life.

I had to make sure my posts were Instagram-worthy, I put too much effort into them, I was posting for likes, I felt I constantly needed to post ALL the time.

I took the same photo 328587 times just to get the ‘right’ one… But what even ‘IS’ the right one?!?!?!?!

Constantly trying to impress people… All the time, without fail.

I become obsessed w/ looking at other peoples lives, I become obsessed w/ certain people on Instagram & would constantly look at their page, envy their life than hate my own life.

I was constantly wanting to look like them, wanting the life they had, have the makeup products they have, have the same healthy lifestyle as them, showcase the same content as them, want the same amount of followers as them.

This did nothing but have a negative effect on my life… I had A LOT of self doubt, I doubted myself thinking I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t skinny enough, I didn’t eat what ‘those’ people ate, I didn’t even go to the gym enough, I didn’t own the things ‘those’ girls own.

My self image issues increased dramatically where I would not like the way I looked even more than what I already did.

It got to a point where I felt depressed & anxious, I was constantly sad w/ the life that I was living & wanted to be like someone else.


God has given me this body, this life for a reason, I need to learn to love myself & love the skin & body I am in.

Just like me, these people are posting the things they want you to see! You don’t see their ‘downs’ you only see their ups! They are broadcasting this lifestyle on social media to showcase that they have a ‘great life’ but we all are battling our own war & that is what made me realize that I am just like them & they are just like me.

I chose to deactivate my Instagram – I thought it was the best decision to do as I am going to start learning to love myself & I don’t need my focus off guard – I have a vision & I will get there & Instagram was just a distraction.

Instagram was a distraction to my journey & getting rid of it really helped me w/ transitioning for my self-love journey.

I have not had Instagram since October 2016 & boy has my life improved – I have stopped comparing myself, I have started to love myself, I have started to be happy w/ the life that I have been blessed with. I have stopped ‘following the herd’ I have started to appreciate the skin I am in.

I am not saying life is perfect – as I am on this journey & it does not happen over night… BUT, I am happy to say that I am working on this & I have seen a change.

Do I go back? 

Now the big questions, do I go back?

Am I ready to go back?

I am not sure if I am ready to go back just yet, I don’t think I am mentally strong to go back, I am scared I will buckle & go into my old ways of comparing myself & falling into that negative state of mind.

I don’t think I want a personal account, I think Discovering Your Happiness deserves several platforms of social media.

I am thinking Facebook & Instagram for my website but than yet again, I will only be posting edited, filtered things I want people to see.

Discovering Your Happiness only has a WordPress account, but I feel that things are improving on here & this blogging journey is amazing so I feel that I should branch out onto other platforms.

If I go back, I want to have no filter, I want to go in unedited & raw photos – portraying that THIS IS MY LIFE & THIS IS NOT A SHOW & THIS IS ME!

As you can tell by this blog, I am confused w/ what way is the best way.

I am open to ideas, I am open to other’s opinions & advice on what I should do here – I just don’t want to find myself constantly wanting to post & people-please (if you know what I mean) Comment below your thoughts 🙂