It Took 6 Days! (7000 Views)

Another 6 days later & we’ve added another 1000 views to Discovering Your Happiness!

We are now sitting on 7000 views!


I have some great changes that are happening to my blog site, I will be removing some things as well as adding some new exciting things 🙂 So most certainly keep an eye out!

Once again, appreciation post for everyone following me, liking my posts, commenting on my posts & those that take the time to read my posts – none of your efforts go unnoticed.

I am forever grateful to have support of those around me & uplifting me on my blogging journey.

Their support really motivates me to work hard on this & really make something out of it.

The support & love I get from you lovely people inspire me to keep moving forward & providing content.

Stay tuned for great things to come 😁😁

Beauty Goal Complete

I am a sucker for makeup! ALL THE TIME, I am wearing makeup! From the moment I wake up, I put make up on & before I go to bed I take it off. 

My make up routine consists of:

  • Moisturiser
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concelear
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow Product
  • Blush
  • Setting Spray

I’ve always wanted to remove ONE, just at least ONE for ONE day & see how I go. 

The lead up to doing this has been quite hard, I was thinking what will people think of me, will people think I am ugly, what if they’ll make fun of me. 

The product I chose was: EYEBROW PRODUCT

I said to myself I just want to try for ONE day to not put this eyebrow product on & see how things go & have natural eye brows for the day. 

This was last Monday 08/05/2017, today is 15/05/2017, 8 days later & I still haven’t put eyebrow product on! 

I thought I’d barely do one day, let alone 8 days! *pats self on back* 

To some, this may not mean anything but to me this is a very big step as I feel the need to ALWAYS have make up on due to self image issues (that I am working on) 

Beauty goal, complete! ✅ Now, to remove another makeup product.