Blog Share #7

Another day, another blog share! Super exciting.

Lincolnlifesite is a blog page hosted by Andy Thompson who re-blogs others blogs, he reblogged 2 of my Canberra trip blogs that I uploaded this week, which is very exciting.

He reblogged:

I feel very blessed that he reblogged my travel blogs, I really like that my blogs became of interest to him.

Getting the opportunity to be reblogged does not go unnoticed hence why I always do a post sharing my appreciation for those that have taken the time to reblog my blogs.

Reading the blogs that he re-posts drives me crazy though, bc they are all about travelling & that is where my head is at, at the moment. Reading peoples blogs & experiences & also looking at photos of where they traveled & the food they ate is really eye-opening.

I can’t wait to share my Europe blog w/ you all – this is really starting to motivate me!

Some blogs that are interesting to my eye are: