It Only Took 4 Days! (5000 Views)

Wow, it only took 4 days to reach another 1000 views #speechless 🙂

I cannot believe that within 4 days, Discovering Your Happiness has increased by 1000 views.

Once again, not being boastful however only appreciating & acknowledging those that read my blogs. 

Another thankful post, I am so very thankful for those that take the time out of their day to read my blog, it means the world to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart – I cannot believe where my blog has gotten me. I didn’t think I’d be anywhere near where I am today.

This truly has become a hobby of mine, I enjoy blogging, I enjoy sharing my experiences w/ you all.

I really hope there is nothing but good things happening for Discovering Your Happiness.

If there is anything you lovely people want to see more of, do let me know, whether its more recipes, more fitness, more travel – let me know. I am all ears to hear what attracts those around me & giving my lovely followers what they want to see.

A really good friend of mine, Melissa, shared w/ me that I should create a Book Review page, considering all the books I read, she has mentioned it’d be great for those to see recommended books that help me, help others. (I am in the process of doing that)

Comment below anything you would like to see on my website & I’ll do my best to deliver.

God Bless 🙂

Blog Share #3

I put up a post last night of the sunset that I witnessed at work & spoke about how calm sunsets make me feel.

I was astounded to than see a link from Kathleen from 161daysinparadise, my sunset post motivated her to put up some ammmmmazing sunset pictures from Barbados. (Thank you Kathleen for taking the time to write this post & share all these photos)

I think it’s crazy that we all see the same sun, there are no two suns! And, we all see & capture different sunrises & sunsets.

I am a very big lover of photos – I take photos of EVERYTHING! (I think I have a photo problem)

I would love to see other sunrises & sunsets across the world, be sure to tag me in your sunrise & sunset posts 🙂

The below photo is my most favourite from Kathleen’s blog post.

Barbados is 16,144kms away from Sydney, Australia – even though its so far, staring at this picture really makes me feel like I am there.