Another Day, Another View

Short & sweet post.

I’m loving that since Sydney, Australia has changed their clocks now, I now get to witness the sunset everyday at work. (The only bummer is that I now travel home in the dark!)

The sunsets I get to see every day really make me grateful & thankful I am alive. 

I am so blessed to be witnessing such a beautiful sunset, what I love the most is that every single day there is a different sunset, not one sunset is the same. 

Look at all those colours in the sky – there is such a range of different colours. 

Sitting by the window staring into the distance really makes me calm & makes me feel at peace.

How amazing is the below picture ❤️

How To Handle Your Next Anxiety Attack

Below are some points on how to handle your next anxiety attack – these are things I swear by, you’d be surprised at how much this actually helps.

Give it a go & comment below if you have tried these things & if they work for you.

Also, I’d love to hear what other people do to cope & handle their panic attacks.


  1. Don’t be afraid – This feeling is only temporary! You’ve done it before & you can do it again! not being afraid will really take the power away from being anxious.
  2. Move – Moving helps your mind, soul & body stay empowered. Pace the floor, walk around your house or even go for a walk.
  3. Talk – Anxiety held in has more power. Stay with someone, call someone, even say the way you feel outloud (sounds silly, but really helps)
  4. Breathe – Don’t forget to breathe! Sounds silly, but we tend to hold our breath when we are anxious which causes us to become very lightheaded. We tend to hyperventilate & we do not give the body long enough to retain carbon dioxide and so the body cannot use the oxygen it has. This gives a feeling that there isn’t enough air in the body, when actually there is too much.
  5. Feel empowered – You are strong! Keep faith & trust in yourself, this won’t last long, it’ll be over before you know it.
  6. Listen to some calming music – It soothes the mind! You would be surprised at how much mediating music helps the mind & how much it really can calm us down physically & also calm down our breathing.


Blog Share #2

Another blog share, this is such an amazing feeling.

Who is Ms Eve? ( mentioned Discovering Your Happiness in a blog in regards to reaching her goal bc she had seen a post that I put in regards to smashing goals & reaching a goal on the rower.

Find Who is Ms Eve’s blog here:

It’s amazing to think that my fitness goals have a positive effect on others & it also motivates others to reach their own goals also.

That’s what I want to do! That is a big goal of mine – to encourage & motivate people. I haven’t received one nasty comment on my website so far & I thank you all for that, bc sometimes I may come across boastful w/ what goal I’ve smashed or how many km’s I’ve rode on the exercise bike – but this is all out of motivation for others.

If I can motivate people to be a better person both physically & mentally than my job here is done.

WordPress is a place to watch other’s journeys & progress – I enjoy uplifting others, it’s a great feeling within the soul.

Great job, Who is Ms Eve? Keep up the amazing work! I am enjoying keeping up w/ your journey & progress.