I did it, oh my! I can’t believe I finally did it. 

One of my fitness goals for quite a while has been to row 1km on level 10 in under 5 mins. 

I had been getting things inbetween the 5:20 & 5:10 mark / it’s been driving me mental – I just can never get under 5 mins.


Today… I DID IT!!!!!!! 

4:56, I couldn’t believe it at all. (Photo proof is below – I had to take a photo!) 

I did it! Under 5 mins, level 10, 1km = complete. 

Super proud of myself *pats myself on the back* 

It’s taken a while but I’ve gotten here… finally! 

Now… I just need to keep this up, I can’t buckle, I need to stay under 5 mins at all times. 

Smashing & conquering goals, it’s a great feeling!! ☺️



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