10 Signs You’re Resisting Life & How to Reignite Your Flow

1) Believing that some aspect of your life is wrong

Right and wrong are words that we use to label ourselves, other people and experiences. They are meaningless, as the concept of something being right or wrong is completely down to individual perspective and the overall context in which we view it. If something is wrong, it leads us to resist it, causing instant unease.

Solution – Practice no longer labelling anything or anyone as right or wrong. Let yourself witness everything with fresh eyes.


2) Looking for limitations and barriers

We become conditioned by our belief system and past experiences to anticipate what may come next in life. Our brains are wired to look for evidence to support our perspective. If we look for limitations and barriers in our daily life, we will find them quite easily.

Solution – Anticipate miracles and magic instead. Shift your perspective to be ready for happy surprises and instances of the Universe leveraging you forward.


3) Accepting “your lot”

The natural flow of life is designed for us to flourish and fly at our full potential. Giving up on ourselves, and accepting that life can never change or we can never achieve what we desire, goes against this natural flow.

Solution – Remind yourself daily: “My inherent nature is to expand and evolve constantly. I am a creative being and anything is possible.”


4) Forcing things to happen

When we are pushing to make things happen, life becomes hard work. Modern society conditions us to believe that we must fight for what we want and we too easily adopt an “at all costs” approach to achieving our desires.

Solution – Trust that what you desire will come to fruition in divine timing and order, as a result of you being fully expressed, doing what you love and enjoying every moment of it.


5) Repeating negative experiences

Challenges are opportunities to learn. We evolve at a soul level through the tough times in our life, as we reflect upon them, understand what they have taught us and step forward as stronger and wiser people. If we do not take the learning on-board, we are destined to repeat negative experiences over and over again.

Solution – Take stock of the recurring negative patterns in your life. Consider what lessons lie within them, and live with a continuous improvement mindset.


6) Using the “should” word often

“I should be smarter/slimmer/happier.”

Often when we say “should”, it immediately denotes a non-acceptance of what already is, or a forcing of something into existence. This is what I call the Should’ing Syndrome – the expectation that something be different than it actually is. This can only create discontent with the reality we’re experiencing.

Solution – Notice where you are should’ing yourself, others or life. Practice complete acceptance of what is, and from that place of allowing you can still define actions you can take now to create new outcomes that fit your preferred reality.


7) Living on auto-pilot and missing the signals in your life

The Universe constantly presents us with signals (confirming and guiding signals such as synchronicities/coincidences, and intervening signals such as apparent challenges and roadblocks), as a feedback mechanism to help us evolve and go with the natural flow in life. Ignoring these signals can be perilous. If we live on auto-pilot with no conscious awareness, we risk missing these valuable messages from the Universe.

Solution – Lift your awareness. Practice being fully present in the NOW. Embrace your childlike wonder moment by moment. Be curious and reflective. Make it a priority to learn from and grow through each opportunity and challenge you encounter. Anticipate signals showing up in your life and you’re much more likely to recognize them when they do!


8) Being rigidly attached to your opinions

Remaining stuck within a limited perspective, attached to our opinions, prevents us from evolving in our understanding of ourselves and life. We are constantly offered opportunities to open our minds and expand our knowledge, but we must first accept the invitation to do so.

Solution – Notice what you hold strong opinions about. Reflect upon the validity of other people’s perspectives. Treat your opinions as temporary and upgradeable.


9) Avoiding change at all costs due to fear of the unknown

When we stay within the familiar routine of our comfort zone, and away from fear, we are not truly living. Life calls upon us to step out into the unknown, to dream our dreams, to use our minds to imagine and create new possibilities, and to courageously take action to bring that into our reality.

Solution – Fear does not have to define your life, if you simply acknowledge it is a normal response to entering unknown territory. List what you most aspire to be, do and create, then list what fears keep you stuck. Select one fear and commit to taking at least one action to step beyond that fear. Move forward by channeling fear of the unknown into curiosity as you explore and create.


10) Believing the world is against you

It can seem, at times, like we are separate from one another and from the world as a whole. We are led to believe in this separateness, due to the seemingly independent nature of our physical world. However, everything is energy. Everything is consciousness manifest as life. Everything is therefore connected, from the one source. Source energy never goes against itself. It is impossible for the world to be against you.

Solution – Remind yourself daily with this affirmation: “I live in a friendly Universe. The Universe has got my back. I am connected to everything and everyone.”

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