Where have I been? I will not lie, my mind has been literally everywhere.

I am not looking for sympathy & I will not give excuses – I just truly have been feeling a bit mentally & physically off – & I don’t want to portray that particular attitude over my blog. I don’t want to be blogging if I am not feeling it – & I don’t want to be blogging as a ‘chore’ I want to blog when I want to hence why I don’t blog daily.

I also don’t search for things to talk about – I just talk about something when it’s on my mind. I don’t necessarily say ‘On Monday, I will write about BLAH’ – When something comes to mind, that’s when I write about it.

Feeling this way reminds me that I am human & that I have to take the good w/ the bad – I am not a robot, I cannot be happy 24/7 – I do have feeling & sometimes I encounter & experience things that get me a little down.

I have tried this particular protein in the past & really liked it – it taste like a vanilla milkshake 🙂

It is free from:

  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Preservatives
  • Corn
  • Additives
  • GMOs

The ingredients consist of:

  • Sprouted & Bio-Fermented Raw Golden Pea Protein
  • Sprouted & Bio-Fermented Raw Brown Rice Protein
  • Natural Vanilla Blend (Natural Vanilla flavour, Stevia Leaf extract, Organic Vanilla Bean*)
  • Living & Raw Digestive Enzyme Blend 300mg (Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Lactase, Cellulase)
  • Plant-Based Pectin * Certified Organic

Recommended Dosage:

Blend 3 tablespoons (30g) into 200ml of water, almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, soy milk, natural juice or smoothie.

Choose your serving size as required:

Active (30g serve) = 24.3g protein

Endurance (45g serve) = 36.45g protein

Performance (60g serve) = 48.6g protein

There are so many options that you can put this w/ – I personally choose to put this w/ almond milk, it gives it a creamy consistency (which I like). It also consists of all the good stuff like living, raw enzymes, high amounts of branch chain amino acids — important for muscle growth — and is even alkalizing for the body, which we know is good for optimal health.

I shall add my protein smoothie recipe in the ‘Healthy Recipe’ section of my blog for those that want to see how I am drinking the protein.



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