It Only Took 8 Days! (4000 Views)

Here we are again, 8 days after the last View Post – this time it only 8 days to reach an extra 1000 views


I am beyond grateful for those that have taken the time to follow my journey, view my blogs as soon as I upload them, those that take the time to read my blogs, & those that leave such beautiful comments.

I don’t mean to be boastful but this is something I am certainly proud of, to think I was unsure if people would like my content & if I got 100 views I’d be happy… I’m now sitting on 4025 views in 363 days. #superproud

I love doing posts whenever I reach an extra 1000 views, I really enjoy taking the time to thank you all & I also enjoy being aware of my stats & how many people spend there time reading my journey.

Thank you again 😍

Daily View 

To witness this view everyday is amazing, I absolutely love heights, I love being waaaay up high. 

I work on level 50 in one of Sydney CBD’s biggest buildings.

To some this wouldn’t matter & would mean nothing… To me, it’s an amazing feeling to see this view every day. 

We have floor to ceiling windows & have a 360 view of the city. 

It truly makes you appreciate where you live & how grateful you are. 

I love heights, I love views, I love the serenity & peace when you look out into the distance. 

The only bummer is that this beautiful sunset doesn’t last very long before nighttime falls. You have to catch it whilst you can 🌤

We live in such a beautiful world. 

This is today’s sunset, how beautiful!! 

Think Before I Speak

Do you think before you speak? I know I sure don’t! Which is something I can:

a) openly admit 

b) share that I am working on this

It is hard for us to filter between what our mind thinks & what comes out of our mouths.

Before saying something to someone, always think about how you’d feel if someone told you the same thing?

Below is a great strategy to go through in your head whenever you have thoughts or even just something to say in general?

T = Is what I am saying true?

H = Is what I am saying helpful?

I = Is what I am saying inspiring?

N = Is what I am saying necessary?

K = Is what I am saying kind?

^ Thinking the above will really help filter whether or not what you have to say is relevant or irrelevant.

Take into consideration the other persons feelings & not just your own.

Below is a little something to remind yourself that when you keep your mindset positive, positive things can happen:

Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.

Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviour.

Keep your behaviour positive, because your behaviour becomes your habits.

Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.

Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.

Switching The Mind Off

Today was a different day, today was a day of switching off all the noise in my head & making some big decisions in my life.

Switching off all this noise today was so peaceful & quiet, my mind is constantly running at 28365 kilometres an hour – so this most certainly benefited me.

The thought of switching off scares me though, I have to be alert & aware at all times.

I packed a bag & set off for the day to La Perouse National Park, (located in Sydney, Australia for those that don’t know where it is), it is amazing there, sat by the cliff side ate my muesli bar & grapes I than set off for a nice long walk, this walk was not only a walk but a walk filled w/ thoughts, decision making etc – best walk of my life.

When I reached my next destination, this was the ‘switching off’ time – I sat & meditated for a while, I let out all the negative thoughts that are poisoning me.

Realising that I don’t need to be in control 24/7 & that it is okay to go with the flow in life & to not question everything is happening around me & everyone around me.

Realising that if I was less stressed in life, my thought pattern would be VERY different!

Today, I enjoyed my own company, I enjoyed spending time outdoors alone, thinking, & also switching off for once in my life.

Below are some of the photos from my walk, I want to share – the silence was amazing.