A New Approach

So, I am not sure exactly where to put this particular blog, whether it should be categorized w/ Health & Fitness or if it should be w/ Daily Blog.

Its a hard one, bc I like to make each category of my website positive & uplifting so I don’t want to bore people w/ my blogs in the Health & Fitness section.

Okay, done deal, I think I shall put it in my Blog section, as it is a blog after all & I am not really sharing any critical facts or information, its more just feelings etc.

So, I have been working out from home for a while, doing body weight work out, also w/ a medicine ball, I’ve also been going on the exercise bike & treadmill at home (yes, I have both at home). I have made a decision to start back up at the gym full time, the reason being is that I truly like the way the gym makes me feel mentally, I get to empty all my thoughts, I get to workout (which is a physical benefit), I get to feel good about myself etc.

I started back up this week, did all the great stuff – cardio, legs, arms, abs, more abs, more abs, more cardio & more cardio (I love my cardio) – I am super sore though, I have been working so hard that I have not given my body time to recover so every day I am just getting more & more sore.

I don’t have any excuse why I haven’t been going to the gym, I have a reason but its not necessarily an excuse – because there are ways around my reasoning.

I tend to experience a lot of self image issues, so I don’t like being in an environment where people are constantly watching me work out, thats why I like being in my comfort zone at home.

I also don’t like males at the gym (not all, I can’t judge all, I have no right too) But, sometimes the gym becomes really uncomfortable for me bc men try to small talk w/ you, they constantly watch you or they’ll even come up to you & make certain remarks.

That really turned me off going to the gym, bc I can’t even put my earphones i & workout without either being starred at, or tried to be spoken to.

Now, as mentioned above I did say that I shouldn’t use this as an excuse, & I am not, I was just really turned off going to the gym bc I felt so uncomfortable.

Now, I have tried to come across w/ a different approach now – I cant keep running away from the gym every time someone stares at me, or someone tries to talk to me – its not right, but I just have to be mature & pay no mind to it.

I am happy that I have taken a new approach to this, because life goes on, I can’t get upset every single time an incident happens – I think its just me as a person, I just dont like it, so sometimes it really affects me.

I pray that this different approach does nothing but good things for me, bc I really want to be bettering myself both physically & mentally + I feel that they both work hand in hand w/ one another – you cannot have one w/out the other.

I will def keep you all updated on how this goes for me but at the moment I am loving it, I am liking this new approach on things.

The only thing I am not liking is how fatigued I am & how sore I am, but I guess thats what happens when you throw yourself into the deep end, you will experience pain & fatigue.

I am not giving myself any rest time, I didn’t just step in w/ baby steps & do 2-3 days a week than slowly increase the days etc – I’ve literally thrown myself  in. Morning & night every day w/out fail. Even though its only been 3-4 days, I think maybe it was too hard for the beginning of full time working out again.

I am not taking any form of protein, I don’t really know the back end of what protein to take, what brand is better for you etc – but I do bow some proteins help w/ recovery so I think I may need some of that.


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Hello, my name is Anita, I am a 23 year old Croatian girl who loves reading self development books & following others blogs. Having said that, I have decided to create a site that consist of sharing my hobbies daily blogs, daily affirmations, healthy recipes, DIY projects, places I travel to etc. Discovering Your Happiness has a goal of sharing my happiness with you to help you discover your happiness also.

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