Wow, what an amazing day colour run was. Stayed in the city the night before which was really exciting, hotel was amazing & had a lovely view of Sydney – than woke in the morning to go to The Colour Run. 

Was about a 25 minute walk, but it went fast (as we were looking at all the scenery around us!) The start chute took a while (as it always does!) but after we went through that, it was GREAT! 5km walk doesn’t seem like much when you’re with people chatting, hanging out, laughing & getting colour sprayed on you. 

With 5 different colours, blue was probably the hardest to come off my body, took about 3 washes, but it didn’t bother me bc I loved every minute of it. (I’m a bit sad for two things in regards to the colour run though, that I must share – the foam machine wasn’t working when we got to that station which was disappointing & the second thing when we finished & got our medalion, they generally give a colour packet for the colour drop HOWEVER, they had ran out (& there were plenty more people behind us to go, so a fair few hundreds of people missed out on a colour packet!) To me, that’s disappointing to be honest, as when I finish I like to do atleast one colour drop at the Tropicolour Festival.

Cannot wait for next years one! I’m 90% sure, Sydney’s night one is the next one & that’s in Feburary 2017, so I am very excited for this! I shall add some photos below 📷


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