When you are at work:

When you are at work:

  • I am doing work that I enjoy and find fulfilling.
  • I play a big role in my own career success.
  • I ask for and do meaningful, wonderful and rewarding work.
  • I engage in work that impacts this world positively.
  • I believe in my ability to change the world with the work that I do
  • I am the engine of my career success
  • I work hard! I work smart! I deserve the accolades I earn!
  • I am excited to have this job and I make the most of it!
  • I am the director of my career and I take the initiative to have the career I want!
  • My career happiness is my choice.
  • I mold my career to my goals!
  • Today I see the ways this job contributes to my growth.
  • Today I see the ways this job contributes to my happiness.
  • Today I see the ways this job contributes to my financial well-being.
  • Today I see the ways I contribute to this organization and I feel good about my contributions.
  • Today I choose to grow and get better through collaboration with my colleagues.
  • I have the freedom to keep this job or find a better job whenever I want to.
  • Today and every day, I use my talents in satisfying ways!
  • My career is what I make of it and today I make it a happy and successful experience.
  • I climb the corporate ladder with integrity and confidence!
  • My career is MY career and today I take ownership of it!
  • My job does not define me, but I can define my job!
  • What I do in my job makes a difference! I feel it! I see it! I know it!
  • As I align my career with my true talents, the money and the happiness flows to me!
  • I refuse to see deadends in my career. I always see possibilities!

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Discovering Your Happiness

Hello, my name is Anita, I am a 23 year old Croatian girl who loves reading self development books & following others blogs. Having said that, I have decided to create a site that consist of sharing my hobbies daily blogs, daily affirmations, healthy recipes, DIY projects, places I travel to etc. Discovering Your Happiness has a goal of sharing my happiness with you to help you discover your happiness also.

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