When you are among great friends:

  • All my relationships are now harmonious and supportive.
  • All of my friendships are meaningful and rewarding.
  • All of my relationships are enjoyable and positive.
  • All of my relationships are meaningful and life-enhancing.
  • All relationships in my life are harmonious and empowering.
  • Because I love who I am, I naturally attract positive relationships into my life.
  • Every day I attract more and more positive people into my life.
  • Every day I welcome more friendship into my life.
  • Every day my circle of friends expands.
  • Everyone I meet accepts me for the fantastic person that I am.
  • Everyone I meet today is warm and friendly.
  • Good people come into my life every day.
  • Having close friends is a very important part of my life.
  • Having many friends is a top priority in my life.
  • I always have great fun with my friends.
  • I always make time to spend with my friends.
  • I always stay in contact with my mates.
  • I connect with everyone I meet.
  • I create an instant rapport with everyone I meet.
  • I create wonderful lasting relationships with people.
  • I delight in the company of my friends.
  • I develop lasting friendships with ease.
  • I easily make friends wherever I go.
  • I enjoy the company of my friends.
  • I find exciting, like-minded friends every day.
  • I find it incredibly easy to make new friends.
  • I find it very easy to meet interesting people.
  • I get along famously with my peers.
  • I have a best mate who shares my interests and passions.
  • I have a circle of close friends who love and appreciate me.
  • I have a wonderful relationship with several close friends.
  • I have an abundance of quality relationships.
  • I have friends in my life who I can turn to in times of need.
  • I have lots of mates who share my interests.
  • I have so many really wonderful friends.
  • I have the greatest admiration and respect for my friends.
  • I have wonderful, supportive friends.
  • I help others to feel positive about themselves.
  • I help people to feel at ease.
  • I keep in close contact with all my good friends.
  • I keep in touch with all my friends regularly.
  • I know how to laugh and have fun with people.
  • I know that my relationships are mirrors that show me my true self.
  • I look forward to happy times with my friends.
  • I look forward to meeting new people.
  • I love doing little things to cheer my friends up.
  • I love making people smile.
  • I only develop relationships with positive, uplifting people.
  • I only attract positive, uplifting people into my life.
  • I only have positive, supportive friends.
  • I regularly tell my friends how much I love and appreciate them.
  • I see everyone I meet as a potential soul mate.
  • I seek friendships with those people who inspire me.
  • I seek out relationships with people who empower me.
  • I share the best of me with my family and friends.
  • I shower my friends with as much encouragement as I possibly can.
  • I shower my friends with good cheer and happy thoughts.
  • I simplify my life by only maintaining those relationships which empower me.
  • I spend time having fun with people who make me happy.
  • I surround myself with like-minded people who are supportive of all that I do.
  • I surround myself with people who love and appreciate life.
  • I surround myself with positive, enthusiastic people.
  • I surround myself with wise and loving people.
  • I thoroughly enjoy the company of my friends.
  • I turn strangers into friends with ease.
  • I welcome all that I meet as potential soul mates.
  • My circle of friends expands daily.
  • My friends accept and appreciate me for who I am.
  • My friends and I are really close.
  • My friends appreciate me for the person I am.
  • My friends are always there when I need them.
  • My friends are beautiful, and enrich my life immensely.
  • My friends are great fun to be with.
  • My friends are like family to me.
  • My friends are loving and supportive.
  • My friends can always count on me.
  • My friends empower and inspire me.
  • My friends know that they can count on me, no matter what.
  • My friends make life immensely rewarding.
  • My friends make me feel great.
  • My friends support me in all that I do.
  • My friendships are positive and long lasting.
  • My life is enriched by each new acquaintance I make.
  • There are so many wonderful, supportive people in my life.

Wherever I go, my life is filled with friendly faces.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more friendship into my life.


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