Travel – Do I Buy A Drone?

To buy or not to buy, that is the question!

My favourite youtuber Bonny Rebecca put a video of the drone that we now has AND… I fell in love! (the 6min mark is where you’ll see it!)

After doing some research, on average the drones have about 10 minute flying time & depending on the one you can buy it an either be controlled from your iPhone or you get a remote control, plus the distance is a big one, I have now seen how high and/or far they go – I think this is a big factor in buying this because I want to ensure that I am getting one with really good distance.

I would really like to share a lot of footage of this in my travel category for you all to see.

I have already taken so many photos when moving around Sydney, so I’d love to share some footage from the drone.

I think it’d be a good thing to get some advice, opinions & feedback before jumping into the unknown – ie which brand is better, the price range etc.

I will most certainly keep you all up the date on the decision I make & if I buy this I will def show you my training & practice footage (haha!)

Have a look at the featured image of this post, this is a drone in Wollongong of someone skydiving – I think the aerial shot is most certainly a wonderful view.

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