Tonights blog is being written by the fire, it’s taken me a while to start off this blog as I was amazed with the fire, how fire works & how the flames burn the wood.

Todays blog is about ‘signs’ & how we are sent signs from God when something isn’t right or when we are being warned about something.

A certain scenario happened to me today (which I will not go into detail), but it was amazing how & why it happened.

It’s amazing to think how we are sent signs in certain circumstances, like today for example: a certain thing happened to me however I feel that this happened as it was a sign from God to be more aware that up ahead in the near future (today, tomorrow or next month) a very bad thing could’ve happened however it has been prevented because I got a warning sign from God today.

We need to raise our awareness as well as be more present in the moment that we are in & not distract ourselves from the situation we are undergoing at the time.

For example, when eating we need to be aware of the food that we are eating & enjoy the taste of the food we are eating also – how many of us eat but don’t enjoy our food? How many of us eat but are hungry 30 mins later? How many of us eat & eat to the point that we don’t know when we are full? Another example, when driving, we need to be aware of the road, the cars, the surroundings & the present moment. How many of us get to our destination but forget how we got there? How many of us drive & zone out whilst driving? How many of us gaze out the window & be alarmed when someone beeps at us because the light is green & we aren’t paying attention?

Being more present will only benefit because when we are more present we are more alert, more focused, more driven & more aware of the surroundings that we are in.

Its funny how things happen for a reason, they truly do (I believe so!) Things happen as a sign, as a warning, to show that a lesson has not been learnt yet, or as a save.

I will close this blog by saying:

Life is precious & we shouldn’t take life for granted, we are only here once & if we do it right, once is enough.


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