Daily Blog – 02/05/2016 // Dreading Mondays

Do you dread Mondays? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! (I do too!)

I use to dread Mondays, I use to get really upset on Sunday nights knowing that the next day was going to be Monday & I had to return to work after a lovely two day weekend.

The thoughts that I created in my head, was the reason I hated Mondays so much.

However, changing the way you think can really make a difference to the outcome of your thoughts & whether you create a positive or negative mindset for the following day.

If you ‘think’ the next day is going to be crap, that is what you are going to bring to your day, things won’t go the way you want them to, you’ll get agitated with people, nothing will go the way you want it to, but… thats because, YOU created that mindset.

If you tell yourself that ‘tomorrow will be a good day!’ than tomorrow WILL be a good day! It’s as simple as that! What we think, we attract!

If we think negative, we attract negative. If we think positive, we attract positive!

It’s amazing to think how to Law of Attraction works! (If you haven’t read The Law Of Attraction, I highly recommend it!)

It’s also a lovely thing to be grateful & also thankful within the life we have been blessed with – let me put this into a little bit more context, below are some of the affirmations that I like to work with on a Sunday night when I am doubting my Monday.

  • I am thankful I have the opportunity to get a job
  • I am thankful I am employed
  • I am thankful for the job that I have
  • I am thankful I have the skills to get a job
  • I am thankful for working with great people
  • I am thankful for the challenges that create a busy day at work (their presence is your present)
  • I am thankful that my job can pay the bills
  • I am thankful for the competition (as it makes me work harder!)
  • I am thankful as it clarify my goals
  • I am thankful as I am learning the arts of patience
  • I am thankful as it helps me save my money

This way of thinking really does alter the negative thoughts that you have in your mind about Mondays (or any weekday for that matter!)

So, the next time that you are dreading a Monday, be sure to take into consideration the positive affirmations that can change your thoughts.




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